Debora David

Portal do Centro

Linking local businesses to SP downtown tourists


Map based website Portal do Centro


Public sector development agency Adesampa



UX designer


December 2020-today

Portal do Centro is an initiative from public sector development agency Adesampa to link local SP businesses to tourists who shop and visit downtown.

São Paulo is known for its highly specialized downtown commercial streets. The idea of Portal do Centro is to create a map-based experience to visitors and promote local businesses for free in three sectors: shops, entertainment and tourism.

The challenge has been to plan everything from scratch: goals, user journey, user experience, map all technologies, plan the interface and the development, to create a rich product for entrepreneurs who wish to have a presence in the website, as well as visitors who go downtown to shop for very specific items and visit touristic spots.

Deliverables (not yet public)


Site map

User journey

Wireframes – desktop and mobile

UX writing


User testing (wireframes)

Technology roadmap

Interface orientation guide

Content inventory

Expected launch date:

December 2021